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posted Jul 7, 2012, 11:30 PM by Mavrik Games

As I mentioned in my last post, I've spent the last little while writing the Scaleform Menu Tutorial, and it was quite an undertaking. When I started, I didn't know anything about CLIK components, so I had to figure that out since I knew it would make the tutorial way too long if I went over creating custom button classes in ActionScript. As I started to write it, I realized that there was a massive amount of information that I had to convey. I considered cutting parts of it out, but I wanted to cover as much as I reasonably could so that anyone else learning this stuff could have all the information they needed in one place.

I added a few things to the web site as well, such as the "Featured Items" list on the home page that scrolls through...well, you guessed it, Featured Items! I also added the capability for anonymous comments at the bottom of each tutorial. I'd add comments to every page, but I have to create a spreadsheet in Google Docs for each one, so it's not very convenient. These components come from Google gadgets that I found and modified, which took me a couple of days as well. The documentation for writing your own Google gadget is next to non-existent, so you just have to look at the source for gadgets that have already been made and do your best. Once you get all the setup out of the way though, the meat of the gadget is just html and javascript, so it's pretty easy to customize them.

Now that I'm finally done with the Scaleform Menu Tutorial, I think I'll work on creating a HUD for Astra. I also have a few updates I want to make to the Project Suite Management Utility, and I've been asked by the founder of Aelian Base Entertainment to help with their new game Vitaelian, which I think I'm finally ready to start on. I also have another game which is in the planning stages, so be on the lookout for that.